Kallisté Arabians’Secrets

I chose to write myself the content of this website which aims at being as true as possible to what Kalliste Arabians really is.
sincerely wish that when discovering Kallisté Arabians horses as well as the story of the breeding, you will dream as I did...
Come and share with us the Legend of the Purebred Arabian Horses....

My name is Jennifer Dhombre and here enfolds my story with Arabian horses.



If you know what the word “vocation” means, then you can imagine what breeding Arabian means to me.
These animals have always been essential to my life. Horses are my life, Purebred Arabians are my dream... and my wonderful reality.

Although my family have never been really involved in the horse industry, I was lucky to grow up close to horses, since I was a child. Indeed, I only needed 10 minutes to cycle from the family house to my second home... my horse riding school.


Like many people, I first discovered the Arabian horse through myths and legends, especially the one of its Creation :

Allah dit au vent du Sud :
" When God wanted to make a horse He said to the Southern Wind: ‘From benevolence to thee I will create a creature from thee to glorify My Saints and to destroy My enemies, and so, lo and behold!'
"The Southern Wind answered: ‘Do as you wish, o Lord.'
"Then God took a handful of Southern Wind, created from it a horse and said: ‘Thy name will be Arabian, all the good is tied to thy forelock, thy trophy is on thy back; to thee I give to spread the meaning of life, in thy master I give thee thy friend; I distinguish thee from all the animals of pack; I give thee an ability to fly without wings either in charge or retreat."

Bedouin legend.


Then I read Walter Farley’s series, “The Black Stallion”, and watched their film adaptations. They had a deep impact on me as a child.
As far as I can remember - and my parents told me so - I always said with the innocence of a child : “When I grow up I’ll have my own breeding of beautiful purebred Arabian horses”.

I’ve kept on dreaming.

Horses, and purebred Arabian ones especially, have always been part of my life.


In primary school, as soon as I learnt to write, I started my first “book”... in a scratchpad I wrote eagerly a story, inspired from “The Black Stallion”, and the meeting of Bucephalus and Alexander the Great. Hhe hero was a young girl... of course!


With K’Z Rosella

I started riding horses when I was three years old. I loved being at the riding school where I spent all my spare time. I knew all the horses, as I looked after them, brushed them, took them to the pastures, massaged them, observed and photographed them, inventing stories while I was cleaning the stables...

I was only seven when I read my first magazine dedicated to Arabian horses.

My passion for horses became a passion for Arabian horses. From then, I have considered them as the Gods of all horses : for me, they embody perfection.

So like any sports or cars fans, I started learning by heart the pedigree of the horses that made me dream, although I wasn’t probably aware of what I was doing yet. I just wanted to learn more, to discover... nothing extraordinary when you are passionate from the heart.

Understanding how deep my love for Arabian horses was, my parents decided to make my dream come true.


Al Najba de Lam

And so I was so lucky to become the owner of my first Arabian filly, who I thought I didn’t deserve, when I saw this grey pearl for the first time : Al Najba de Lam, a daughter of AS Sinans Pacha, half sister to the famous Escape Ibn Navaronne. This beauty was just a yearling. And from the time I looked at her straight into the eyes I knew She was the mare of my dreams.

With all the care and gravity I had in me, I selected her for her conformation, legs, head and charisma... dreaming that one day, Najba would be the foundation mare of the breeding I wanted to start. I have to say it was love at first sight.

Strangely enough, from that moment on, we had a very dense relationship. Thanks to her and all the love she gives me, I’m now a breeder.

My parents have always supported me, and they helped me a lot in making my dream come true. I wish to thank them sincerely for their love and the chance they gave me.


The birth of Kallisé Arabians :

Bc Specific


BS Specific

What drives me on is the wish to create the Ideal Horse, keeping the inherent qualities of the breed, while looking for constant improvement.

Thanks to passion and the wise advice of friends, Didier Donatte, Daniel Garcia, Alain Coural Bertrand Valette…Who helped me when I begun, I learnt a lot, and show results (morphology competition) were quick to come. And so, Kallisté Arabians was born when a multi international champion joined the family :

Bc Specific
The fabulous stallion BS Specific

Born in Germany, bred by the lovely Blutbacher family, Specific has always been among the best rated horses of his generation. In 2007, while 7 years-old, he brought France its first Senior Male European Champion title ! This fantastic horse also won for Kallisté Arabians the French National Championship and elite by a 3rd at the finals of the World Championships -which corresponds to the bronze nowadays- the same year !


In December 2010 he finished 1 point only from the bronze medal at the World Championships !

“Thanks Speci for everything you give me !”


His production is of remarkable quality :

Sired by the multi international champion Sandstorm JC (by the great Fame VF) and out of 1996 World champion mare Basara Saiyana, BS Specific gives his products his wide black eyes, his soft head as well as his expression, his small and neat ears, his strong legs without any faults, his exceptional conformation, his well oriented neck and, most of all, his intelligence and his balanced temperament which makes him close to people.

Today Specific can be proud of his sons and daughters such as :

FM Nefetari

FM Nefetari, owned by the Martinez family, Gold Medal Miono B International

Joyya'Bea Kalliste

Joyya’Bea Kallisté, Silver Medal and class winner for her first competition Miono B International

K'A Issar

K’A Issaar, Gold Medal stallion, International C show of Chazey-sur-Ain, Bronze Medal, B International show of Miono, and twice second at the French Nationals.

L'A Saalmah

L’A Saalmah, foal champion and class winner 3-years-old, Bordeaux B International


And more of them are being talked about all over Europe such as the multi champion Little Miss, for instance.


Other horses from Kallisté Arabians have also been noticed.

Zawah de Lam

Zawah de Lam

A wonderful filly that co-owned with our friend Alain Coural, and now sold to the Royal Cavalery of Oman, who made Kallisté Arabians victorious for the first time at the French Nationals, as a junior mare. She was also top five at the European Championship, 2nd at the All Nations Cup, and Elite in the World Championship…

Avalon Miss Kallisté

Avalon Miss Kallisté

Bred by Sandrine Hervieu, this super filly was born late in the year, but thanks to her quality, she had a so successful year in 2010 :

Among her show results, they are the Trophy Espoir Award discerned by Al Khaledia Stables to the horse of their choice, in Menton international A show ; the Trophy ACA (best French horse of the year) ; the second place ex aequo at the European championship ; the Silver Medal in Itterswiller ; the Bronze Medal at the French Championship ; the Silver Medal at Deauville in 2011…


She will be back in 2012 on the international scene…


Mirwanah Kallisté

Mirwanah Kallisté

She is considered as one of the very best fillies in the World today, and as one of the most magnificent daughters of the Giant : Marwan Al Shaqab.

She was born in spetember 2009, and makes her first steps in the show ring among the 2 years old fillies, competing with fillies more experienced and elder than herself for the major part.

This trully exceptionnal filly makes Kallisté Arabians so proud of her, and I would like to seize the opportunity to thank all our friends, breeders, amateurs, and clients, for the support towards this French made Jewel. Menton will stay in my memory forever.

Mrwanah Kallisté

Mirwanah Kallisté was Gold Medal on the international B show of Bordeaux for her first competition ; Silver Medal in Menton, international A show, for her 2nd competition ; Silver Medal on the International show of Hasselt ; Classwinner at the All Nations Cup…


Our star will take part in other big big competitions, and she has still a lot of things to learn, such as moving like a machine just like she does at home !

But this year will be the year dedicated to the making of embryos, available for reservation…


Mirwanah Kallisté, and I, enjoying winning the Silver Medal in Menton A show with all our friends !

Mirwanah Kallisté


Thank you again to all our firends for your support towards Kallisté Arabians’ horses every years !

Tania Bint Pacha



2012 seems to be an exceptional year, full of hopes and projects !

We are ever preparing a lot of surprises for 2013…And believe me, the babies to be born are only high quality babies ! Here is your chance to buy a top quality unborn foal…



Choose dynamism, pure passion, experience on an international scale !

Make the choice of High Quality.

It’s your turn to trust Kallisté Arabians.

Mirwanah Kallisté


Jennifer DHOMBRE